Catacombs under Odesa city HD

Catacombs under Odesa city
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You probably heard about Odesa, one of the oldest resort cities in Ukraine. Well, if you feel like having a rest from the sunny beaches, grab a flashlight and go down the catacombs!

They a called the second Odesa in the south of Ukraine but an underground ones. Tunnels are placed under all town area and have lots of ins and outs.

Such maze was formed during the city building. Having a lack of materials, people used local stone shellfish mined just under the town area. Simply put, it was a huge stone-pit.

Our catacombs are the biggest in the world. The total length is about 2500km which is ten times bigger than in Paris.

You can come to Odesa by any kind of transport. As well the excursion to the catacombs is available for any day at every local travel agency. But you are strongly recommended not to visit the catacombs without a reliable special guide according to one of plenty diverse routs. Think over your clothes for heat and underground and enjoy your adventure meanwhile

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