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TOUR DE UKRAINE - Pidhirsti Castle HD

TOUR DE UKRAINE - Pidhirsti Castle

Pidhirsti Castle is one of the most mystic castles in Ukraine. Its gothic arcitecture and the ghost haunting here attract thrill-seekers from all over the world. The castle-fortress is located in the village of Pidhirsti in Lviv Oblast western Ukraine. If you get to the place by car or bus from Kyiv, you'll see it straight from the road. The castle was built by a venetian architect between 1635–1640 by order of the Polish-Lithuanian Hetman Stanisław Koniecpolski. The last owners of the castle, Polish noble family of Rzewuski left a horrible love drama as a legacy. According to the legend, Wacław Rzewuski due to his jealousy burked his young wife and then walled her up in the cellar of the castle. Since then the ghost of the lady has been walking along dark long corridors. At present there's a museum. The most convenient way to get there is from Lviv, eighty kilometers to the west. Alas, there are no buses, only taxi or car rent.

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